Lets talk about Apples....

It's that time of year that we start to think about our autumn and winter flavours, September brings cooler weather but usually is quite a dry month for us in the High Peak.

In our small garden in New Mills, we have quite a large apple tree (cooking) and a very old pear tree.  Fruit from the trees vary per year and unfortunately the pear tree had quite a bit of damage from the storms in early 2020 but is still standing and is so full of large fruity pears, I think its got more than I have ever known.

Over the last 13 years we have made endless amounts of Apple pies, crumbles, apple sauce etc.. and Fran's dad has usually eaten the pears (his favourite), we have also supplied local juice makers and have given bags and bags away to neighbours and friends, even at our local clinic to some of Fran's patients (she is a Podiatrist).

Last year we made Spiced Apple Ice Cream which was slow to sell at first but those that tried it came back again & again. This year we will be making Spiced Apple, possibly Apple Pie Ice Cream/ Crumble, maybe a spiced rum and apple and a few more flavours depending on what we can forage from around the area, I know Blackberries could also take a lead role in the upcoming new flavours.

We are not fully sure what type of apple or pear we grow. The apples are definitely cooking apples very bitter to taste and they take quite some time to prepare but are lovely when gently stewed.  The pears are usually picked then left for a few weeks to soften, they seem to ripen and become more juicy.

We slow cook the apples in some winter spices to add depth and flavour and its then added to or homemade ice cream.

It's sure to taste lovely all the way through the winter.

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